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Upcoming Show at The Lebel in Pincher Creek, Alberta!

Janifer Calvez- Earth, Wind & Sky

November/December 2021

Join me at the gallery on the evening of November 19th, 2021

Artist Statement

I live in a place where the skies are magnificent, the views of mountains and land around us change daily, and the wind can whisper gently or take your breath away. That wind has also been known to blow so hard that you can’t stand up. This set of paintings is inspired by my travels through southern Alberta. My hope is to capture these moments of magic and convey the feeling of movement and grandeur. Some of the paintings also indicate human presence and depict how humans fit into the landscape.

During the pandemic, we saw droves of people getting outside walking, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, skiing and discovering our own beautiful landscapes, learning how to interact with nature, clean up after themselves, and connect with their surroundings. The benefits of being in nature became apparent as worries were lifted, energy restored, reminding us to be present and mindful in the moment.

I believe people take care of what they know and love and my hope is to capture the magic in the normal of our everyday lives and convey the importance of our connection to our natural surroundings.


Several of my pieces are available for viewing at Lineham House Galleries found in the Historical District  of Okotoks, at 33 Elma Street in a beautiful heritage home.

Wed to Fri: noon to five and Saturdays 11 to 5.  Check Lineham House Galleries for updates as hours are subject to change.

My work is also displayed in the Lebel Mansion gift shop at 696 Kettles Street as well as in their offsite location, at Harvest Coffeehouse on Main Street, Pincher Creek.