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Upcoming Events:

Calgary Art Community Mini Masterpiece Show April 27th, 2024


Showcasing the talents of 30 incredible Calgary artists at Willow Ridge Community Association

10 to 5 pm


All paintings will either be 6x6 for $80 or 12x12 for $300


All the paintings you love for a fraction of the price


Symbiosis by Terra Simieritch and Janifer Calvez   July-August, 2024

The Lebel Gallery in Pincher Creek

Terra and Janifer have been working together to create pieces with both artists adding to the same piece in their own style.  Join us in July and August to see what we have created and perhaps add your own creative voice to an interactive work.

Artist Statement 


As both artists and scientists, we observe the natural world in a way that is both capturing the essence of the beauty we see, and analyzing the species and relationships we observe in our adventures and in our own backyards. 

Terra: My artistic process is inspired by a profound appreciation of the wild spaces and creatures I encounter in my daily life and in my imagination. I enjoy taking these inspirations and layering drawings and acrylic paint with a variety of papers to create mixed media work that is both an accurate representation of specific species, with the added whimsy of the decorative patterns of the paper. Bringing the creativity of various types of paper from my collection, allows me to get out of my ‘science brain’ and into a space where I can think beyond what I observe and match the colours and patterns to a creature or plant’s personality.

Janifer- My artistic practice is inspired by the expansive natural landscapes that surround me, as well as the glimmers in our daily lives which we often overlook if we forget to notice, such as the colours in the land and sky, the flower or insect on the plant, or a connection from a friend. I use colour, linear movement and whimsy as I lay down and layer my paint to convey my impressions of how I interpret the world around me, striving to encourage a connection to a time and place.



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